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При закрытии окна Эдитора должно высвечиваться предупреждение - не все итемс имеют теги! (приэтом надо учесть, что Featured Image и всякие тарелки/салфетки не должны иметь теги)

I want to beg you to help us in a very important issue
find the opportunity to introduce new features and functionality in the system menu editor
that very significantly increase the speed and quality to create, update, and check the menu

If possible, select the programmer to implement the proposals that will increase the speed and quality of our work. (It is desirable that it was Taras Anatsko)

It is very important additions for us. We would very much like to use them
I very much hope that you can help us
In advance thank you, with respect, AnnaPol

Some suggestions are written directly on the illustrations

In List of Edit Items (in Menu Editor)

 By clicking on the checkbox "Show only Item Names, descriptions and Sizes, It should appear in the table as such:

In Sectoin List

In all options everywhere add calculator

Big request to upgrade the table Bulk View to speed up the process of checking the menu
in the current Bulk View
- At the top of the red band - show ID and name of the restaurant
- Expand / collapse all sections at once or separately - as in options on the menu Editor
(in the process of checking those sections that we have finished checking, we reserve folded section that we have not yet tested - are deployed)
- make built-in Spell Check in the table of Edit Items
- Make up the amount of the order as Client View item card - for fast validation calculate sum in options
quite common options when you need to calculate the price for size. since the DC sites give the option as shown below. It takes a long time to calculate and then - a lot of time to check the correctness of calculations

For example, when there is a condition of DS Online - Make it 10 Oz - and given only surcharge for bigger size, but not the whole price for the 10 Oz
In such cases, the worker need to do mathematical calculations (6.29 + 3.19 = 9.48)
Price for small size + extra charge  = Price for high resolution
For an employee - you must have a built-in calculator in each cell, where must be numeric values
 (This function is being used successfully in the accounting programs)
For checkckers - just look to see the finished figures - to quickly check correctly calculated price for Sizes

also a lot of time takes the manual calculation of  differences between amounts in the options (And verification too)
To reduce this time  also needed built-in calculator (in Menu Editor) (when build options)
and in the   table  Bulk VIEW already ready to automatically count the special number - the sum for visual inspection
as shown in the illustration:

to speed up the check in the the checkbox prices -
next to each checkbox must be fixed price, it should be visually - to see all the prices of all the check boxes at the same time (such as the It was in the Grub -Hub)
- Numbers must be different from the color of the text (for example black text and red prices)

The value of the field "Price" in the Menu Editor - It should be checked, because there are glitches:

Embed this updated version of form Bulk View in to the Menu Editor

- at pressing Edit next to the name of an item that must be opened separately taken item- to edit all its data
and other items must still be in the form of Bulk View
+ Must be opened separately
   - Options - each individually
   - Name of the section
   - Description section
   - Name of an item
   - D
escription of an item
   - Quantity
   - Sizes

+ Increase text describing an item - it's hard to check texts
+ Should be the total amount of an item - to verify the paid options
+ Next to each checkbox to permanently was the price - just to see all the prices of all checkboxes (such as in Grub Hub
- Figure prices it is desirable to make a different color
+ So as not to open an item for editing, you can drag and drop option right in Bulk View  
+ So as not to open an item for editing, you can turn on / off icons Spicy, Veg, Coupon
+ In the sidebar when the cursor should appear informer prices both on the Client View​​

- Rename the name of the Menu Editor tab from "Menus" to "Editor + restaurant ID"



- Make that   rapid filling options respond not only to a comma, but also to the words "or" "and" sign "/" and a hyphen "-" for example - Guava, Mango or Dulce

- current SpellCheck Memus does not work properly -  you need to remove unnecessary words and add the necessary

For button Fix add new features:
Fix the title of items - Automatically append to the end of the name of items in parentheses (Lunch), (Party), (Catering) - according to the title Menu Tab.
 Fix is to track whether there is already in the title. And if there is another option - Fix 
should fix corrected
for example
tab named Party Menu, but of items written - without brackets or 
instead of the party is written word Catering.   should get ... (Party)
Party Platter - Party to remove word and put at the end of (Party)  -  should get ... Platter (Party)
Lunch Special, Lunch Combo - Lunch remove word, and put at the end (Lunch) - 
should get ... Combo (Lunch)

- Add the words al, el, di, de - in the list of words in the title of items that should be written in small letters

- Track the restaurant name in the text descriptions of items and put him with a capital letter
- Add the word Hawaii, Spanish, New Zealand, Irish, Hawaiian, Vietnamese, Atlantic - to the list of words that are in the description of items must be written with a capital letter (that after fix pressing should be capitalized)

"Soup of the Day" after fix pressing changes to "Soup of The Day" - must be "Soup of the Day" - "the" inside option and the option name should always be in small letters
option "Make It" and "Make It With" word It to fix it - should be in small letters - it (and check where else is)
- in connection with the introduction of new names options - make the necessary changes in the drop-down tips
- appoint a responsible programmer to make small changes in the future 

- such as adding words in the above list of excluded words, as these lists are not yet fully finalized and will be replenished during operation with  menu



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